Fondecyt Iniciación

id Código Título Año Concurso Fecha Inicio Fecha Término Investigador 1
335581 11110077 Using microorganisms to produce fluorescent nanoparticles with improved properties. 2011 10-2011 10-2014 Perez Donoso Jose Manuel
335584 11110223 Role of dissolved organic matter from anthropic or natural sources
on the availability and mobility of PCBs and chlorpyrifos in soils.
2011 10-2011 10-2014 Garrido Reyes Tatiana Inés
335585 11110516 Rational design, synthesis and study of the structure-activity relationship of quinones n-mercaptoheterocyclics as potential antibiotics with activity against hospital strains resistant. 2011 10-2011 10-2014 Vasquez Velasquez David Reinaldo
335587 11110534 Folding mechanism of knotted proteins: insights from single molecule and classic biophysical studies. 2011 10-2011 10-2014 Baez Larach Mauricio Andrés
336430 11121172 isoflavones phytoestrogens incorporated to erythrocyte membranes: relationship between antioxidant activity against singlet oxygen and its relative localization 2012 10-2012 10-2015 Morales Valenzuela Javier Eduardo
336434 11121481 Development of microgels loaded with nanosystems of therapeuticinterest for controlling its release 2012 10-2012 10-2015 Oyarzún Ampuero Felipe
338854 11130235 Development of mucoadhesive buccal films for the delivery of macromolecular actives incorporated in nanosystems loaded by ink-jet printing 2013 11-2013 11-2017 Morales Montecinos Javier Octavio
339075 11130263 Mechanisms of Active Protein Translocation Through Membranes at the Single Molecule Level 2013 11-2013 11-2017 Wilson Moya Christian Andrés Marcelo

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