Proyectos Departamento Ciencia de los Alimentos y Tecnología Química

Título Año Concurso Duración Fecha Inicio Fecha Término Investigador 1 Investigador 2 Investigador 3 Investigador 4
Formulation and process development of microparticles and nanoparticles based on chitosan-alginate intended for inulin and prednisolone colonic delivery 2011 48 03-2011 03-2015 Tapia Villanueva Cristián Adolfo Abugoch James Lilian Elizabeth Gotteland . Martin
Influence of latitude, agronomic practices and variety of crops on the evolution of flavor responsible compounds (volaties and phenols compounds) of extra virgin olive oil 2012 36 03-2012 03-2015 Romero Palacios Nalda Marcela Sepulveda Cortes Betsabet Abisag Tapia Contreras Francisco Antonio Saavedra Torrico Jorge Andrés
Improving the performance of lipid systems through controlled release of microencapsulated flavonoids 2012 36 03-2012 03-2015 Robert Canales Paz Soledad Jiménez Patiño Paula Andrea
Impact of ripening on the structural and rheological properties of avocado pulp and in the bioactive composition and thermo-oxidative stability of oil Chilean Hass Avocado 2012 36 03-2012 03-2015 Ortiz Viedma Jaime Alejandro Castro Montero Eduardo Segundo Osorio Lira Fernando Alberto
Process optimization of structures triacylglycerols by enzymatic transesterification of caprylic acid and omega-3 PUFA concentrate salmon oil under supercritical carbon dioxide: Effect on physical and chemical properties and stability of food systems 2012 36 03-2012 03-2015 Rodríguez Melis Alicia Verónica De Lourdes Galleguillos Caamaño Marco Antonio Romero Palacios Nalda Marcela
Species composition, genetic diversity and population structure of mytilus in southern Chile using species-specific, microsatellite and SNP DNA markers. Applications in traceability: species identification and geographic origin determination 2013 36 03-2013 03-2016 Larraín Barth María Angélica Araneda Tolosa Cristián Manuel
Use of modified nano-structured calcium silicates and magnetic metal oxides as sorbents for elimination of inorganic contaminants from acidic mine drainages 2014 48 03-2014 03-2018 Valenzuela Lozano Fernando Rafael Basualto Flores Carlos Alfonso Montes Atenas Gonzalo
Cactus pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) colorants obtained by membrane technologies separation and microencapsulation. Stability and applications in foods 2011 36 03-2011 03-2014 Saenz Hernández Carmen Luisa Robert Canales Paz Soledad Cancino Madariaga Beatriz
Technologies for furan mitigation in highly consumed chilean foods processed at high tempratures 2011 48 03-2011 03-2015 Pedreschi Plasencia Franco Wilfredo Mery Quiroz Domingo Arturo Bunger Timmermann Andrea Agosin Trumper Eduardo Esteban
Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on nutritional and functional properties, antioxidant activity and mineral content of Cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana L.) 2012 36 03-2012 03-2015 Vega Gálvez Antonio Alex Puente Diaz Luis Andrés

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