Proyectos Departamento Farmacología y Toxicología

Título Año Concurso Duración Fecha Inicio Fecha Término Investigador 1 Investigador 2 Investigador 3 Investigador 4
Redox-Active copper-glutathione complexes: A chemico-biological evaluation of their pro-oxidant potential. 2011 48 03-2011 03-2015 Speisky Cosoy Hernán Elias Olea Azar Claudio Alberto Aliaga Miranda Margarita
Novel hybrid coumarins: synthesis, electrochemical characterization and its reactivity with superoxide radical anion 2011 48 03-2011 03-2015 Navarrete Encina Patricio Antonio Squella Serrano Juan Arturo
Ionic liquid modified electrodes to drug analysis 2011 48 03-2011 03-2015 Álvarez Lueje Alejandro Francisco Yáñez Soto Claudia Andrea Bollo Dragnic Soledad Viviana
The effect of carbon nanotube chemical modifications on the electrochemical performance of biosensors 2012 48 03-2012 03-2016 Bollo Dragnic Soledad Viviana Yáñez Soto Claudia Andrea
Determination of the influence of genotypes on the pharmacological activities of U. molinae leaves, and correlation of these activities with the chemical composition of genotypes and varied agronomic practices 2013 48 03-2013 03-2017 Delporte Vergara Carla Luz Seguel Benitez Ivette García Nannig Lorena Del Pilar
Role of TLR4 and inflammasome in the differentiation and acquisition of a proinflammatory phenotype of adult rat cardiac myofibroblast 2013 48 03-2013 03-2017 Díaz Araya Guillermo Antonio García Nannig Lorena Del Pilar
The multifunctionalization of gold nanoparticles with peptides to improve their penetration through biological barriers and for to increase their affinity for beta-amyloid aggregates 2013 48 03-2013 03-2017 Kogan  Marcelo Javier Álvarez Lueje Alejandro Francisco Fiedler Temer Jenny Lucy Melo Hurtado Francisco Esteban
Modified AFM tips interacting with supported lipid bilayers: a thermal noise approach 2013 36 03-2013 03-2016 Melo Hurtado Francisco Esteban Kogan  Marcelo Javier
Role of tryptophan residues in the aggregation and fragmentation of peptides and proteins induced by peroxyl and carbon-centered radicals 2014 36 03-2014 03-2017 López Alarcón Camilo Ignacio Silva Stevens Eduardo Speisky Cosoy Hernán Elias Lamas Aspee Alexis

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