Proyectos Departamento Química Inorgánica y Analítica

Título Año Concurso Duración Fecha Inicio Fecha Término Investigador 1 Investigador 2 Investigador 3 Investigador 4
Evaluation and desing of a new family of 1,3 disubtituted 5-nitroindazoles and Ruthenium complexes as potential agents against Chagas disease 2011 48 03-2011 03-2015 Olea Azar Claudio Alberto Maya Arango Juan Diego Mendizabal Emaldia Fernando Javier Speisky Cosoy Hernán Elias
Development of analytical methods based on fluorescence spectroscopy and multivariate calibration for the determination of PAHs in edible oils. Assessment of their presence in currently consumed edible oil in Chile. 2011 36 03-2011 03-2014 Fuentes Perez Edwar Rosamel Báez Contreras María Estrella BRAVO MERCADO MANUEL
Assessment of the effect of biosolid application to soils in relation to the total content and bioavailable fraction of trace metals, PCBs, and some broad-spectrum antimicrobial compounds 2011 48 03-2011 03-2015 Ahumada Torres Aida Inés De Lourdes Carrasco Rimassa María Adriana Olimpia Richter Duk Pablo Roberto Ascar Estay María Loreto
Modelling Environmental Fate of the more relevant Pesticides including their degradation products udes in the principal Agricultural Regions of Chile 2011 36 03-2011 03-2014 Báez Contreras María Estrella Espinoza González Jeannette Alice Fuentes Pérez Edwar Rosamel
Nanostructured Materials: MPS3 composites basad on intercalated macrocyclic and acyclic complexes 2012 48 03-2012 03-2016 Spodine Spiridonova Evgenia Venegas Yazigi Diego Alonso Manzur Saffie Jorge Alberto
Molecular network of transition metal: structural, magnetic and biological properties 2012 36 03-2012 03-2015 Atria Salas Ana María Corsini Acuña Gino Ruggerio Garland Rodríguez María Teresa
Carbonylation reactions catalyzed by palladium complexes containing phosphorus-nitrogen ligands. Potential applications for synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds 2012 48 03-2012 03-2016 Aguirre Álvarez Pedro Abel Moya Durán Sergio Antonio
Searching for possible deprotonation sites for subtrates and inhibitors of human MAO-A 2012 48 03-2012 03-2016 Zapata Torres Gerald Amilcar Salgado Herrera José Cristián Fierro Huerta Angélica María
New developments in rotating-disk sorptive extraction: An efficient and green alternative for the sample preparation of simple and complex matrices 2014 48 03-2014 03-2018 Richter Duk Pablo Roberto Ahumada Torres Aida Inés De Lourdes Toral Ponce María Inés
A critical analysis of cyclodextrins/surfactants/organoclays¿based strategies for the remediation of soils contaminated with pesticides: Assessment of benefits and risks for soils of the principal agricultural Regions of Chile 2014 48 03-2014 03-2018 Báez Contreras María Estrella Fuentes Pérez Edwar Rosamel Espinoza González Jeannette Alice
Analytical chemistry tools for the determination of imidacloprid and chemical markers of Nosema ceranae infection in honey. Support for the visualization of a possible synergistic debilitating effect of the parasite with the pesticide in honeybees. 2014 48 03-2014 03-2018 Fuentes Pérez Edwar Rosamel Martínez Arenas Jessica Isabel Báez Contreras María Estrella
Halogen bonds in drug desing: Examples in the monoaminergic area 2011 48 03-2011 03-2015 Cassels Niven Bruce Kennedy Zapata Torres Gerald Amilcar
Extended systems of rares earth 2011 48 03-2011 03-2015 Garland Rodríguez María Teresa Atria Salas Ana María
Molecular magnetism studies on polyoxometalates based on BVO, BVPO and BMoPO systems 2012 48 03-2012 12-2016 Venegas Yazigi Diego Alonso Spodine Spiridonova Evgenia Vega Carvallo Andres Igor
Hydrogenation of imines catalyzed by rythenium complexes containing phospine and polypydine ligands 2012 48 03-2012 03-2016 Moya Durán Sergio Antonio Aguirre Álvarez Pedro Abel
Supramolecular chemistry at interfaces: Light-Absorption process in energy conversion and electrocatalysis on gold electrode. A computational chemistry study 2014 48 03-2014 03-2018 Mendizabal Emaldia Fernando Javier Zapata Torres Gerald Amilcar

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