Proyectos Departamento Ciencia de los Alimentos y Tecnología Química

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Thermosensitive microgels loaded with heat generating nanoparticles for pulsed release of anticancer nanocarriers and triggered by external magnetic fields: formulation analysis and biological evaluation Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Oyarzún Ampuero Felipe Robert Canales Paz Soledad Kogan  Marcelo Javier Morales Montecinos Javier Octavio Moreno Villoslada Ignacio
Effect of refractance window technique drying conditions on general quality, health-related compounds, and energetic issues of thin layer drying process of physalis peruviana pulp Fondecyt Regular 04-2017 04-2020 Puente Diaz Luis Andres Espinosa Escalona Berta Alejandra Vega Gálvez Antonio Alex    
Texture engineering of seaweeds for technological applications Fondecyt Regular 03-2018 03-2021 Jose Miguel Aguilera   Ortiz Viedma Jaime Alejandro      
Oil structuring as novel strategy for the development of healthier meat products Fondecyt Regular 03-2018 03-2021 Elorrieta Gimenez Maria Begoña Vergara Hinostroza Cristina Del Carmen Silva Weiss Andrea Cristina González Cáceres Estefanía Andrea Robert Canales Paz Soledad
Design of microparticles as delivery systems for vegetable oils rich in omega-3: impact of the location of antioxidants and oxygen scavengers on the lipid oxidation Fondecyt Regular 03-2018 03-2022 Robert Canales Paz Soledad González Cáceres Estefanía Andrea Vergara Hinostroza Cristina Del Carmen García Concha Paula Andrea Elorrieta Gimenez Maria Begoña
Enzymatic reactions models in supercritical media for obtaining novel structured antioxidants triacylglycerides rich in EPA-DHA as bioactive lipids. Effects on the improvement of biochemical markers associated with obesity Fondecyt Regular 03-2018 03-2021 Espinosa Escalona Berta Alejandra Valenzuela Baez Rodrigo Wladimir Rodriguez Melis Alicia Veronica De Lourdes Romero Palacios Nalda Marcela  
Effects of deficit irrigation and controlled levels of potassium fertilization on the potential impact of the frost phenomenon on the quality of extra virgin olive oil, Arbequina variety, grown in Coquimbo region Fondecyt Regular 04-2019 04-2023 Romero Palacios Nalda Marcela Sepúlveda Cortés Betsabet Abisag Saavedra Torrico Jorge Andrés Tapia Contreras Francisco Antonio  
Improving the performance of molecular traceability tools applied to smooth shelled mussels in Chile: Development and application of genomic resources and technologies Fondecyt Regular 04-2019 04-2023 Araneda Tolosa Cristian Manuel Larraín Barth María Angélica      

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