Proyectos Departamento Farmacología y Toxicología

Título Concurso Instrumento Fecha Inicio Fecha Término Investigador 1 Investigador 2 Investigador 3 Investigador 4 Investigador 5
Synthesis and characterization of sponges containing aromatic polyelectrolytes subjected to aromatic -aromatic interactions Fondecyt Regular 03-2015 04-2020 Moreno Villoslada Ignacio Pesenti Pérez Héctor Gonzalo Oyarzún Ampuero Felipe Sanchez Villalon Christian Orlando Vallejos Contreras Gabriel Arc  
Synthesis of a novel antioxidant nanoexcipient formed by silica nanoparticles with polyphenolic compounds covalently linked, evaluation of their antioxidant capacity and their stabilizing properties of Pickering pharmaceutical emulsions Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Morales Valenzuela Javier Eduardo Olea Azar Claudio Alberto Gunther Sapunar German Ricardo    
Thermosensitive microgels loaded with heat generating nanoparticles for pulsed release of anticancer nanocarriers and triggered by external magnetic fields: formulation analysis and biological evaluation Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 03-2022 Oyarzún Ampuero Felipe Moreno Villoslada Ignacio Morales Montecinos Javier Octavio Kogan  Marcelo Javier Neira Carrillo Andrónico David
Development of a dual acting nanocarrier for enhanced buccal permeation followed by bioresponsive cardiac targeting: formulation studies and biological proof of concept Fondecyt Regular 03-2018 03-2021 Morales Montecinos Javier Octavio Kogan  Marcelo Javier Garcia Nannig Lorena Del Pilar Oyarzún Ampuero Felipe  

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