Proyectos Departamento Química Inorgánica y Analítica

Título Concurso Instrumento Fecha Inicio Fecha Término Investigador 1 Investigador 2 Investigador 3 Investigador 4 Investigador 5
Chemical-biological study (in vitro and in vivo) of new analogues of triazolopyridines as anti-Trypanosome cruzi, the effect on sterol pathways Fondecyt Iniciación En Investigación 11-2018 11-2021 Lapier Quezada Michel Andrés        
Conversion of CO2 into hydrocarbons using Fe-3d bimetallic MOFs (3d: CuII, CoII, NiII). Designing new competitive processes in green economy Fondecyt Iniciación En Investigación 10-2019 10-2022 Cancino Rivera Patricio Antonio        
Composites with Lanthanide(III) Species based on Bimetallic Phases Mx´Mn1-xPS3 . Spectroscopic and Magnetic Properties Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Spodine Spiridonova Evgenia Venegas Yazigi Diego Alonso Manzur Saffie Jorge Alberto Paredes García Verónica Del Rosario  
¿-Cyclodextrin assisted solubilization of Chromone Schiff base metal complexes to be used as a potential antitumoral target binders Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Jullian Matthaei Carolina María Zapata Torres Gerald Amilcar      
New catalysts for renewable chemicals and biofuels Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Aguirre Alvarez Pedro Abel Moya Duran Sergio Antonio      
Synthesis of a novel antioxidant nanoexcipient formed by silica nanoparticles with polyphenolic compounds covalently linked, evaluation of their antioxidant capacity and their stabilizing properties of Pickering pharmaceutical emulsions Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Morales Valenzuela Javier Eduardo Olea Azar Claudio Alberto Gunther Sapunar German Ricardo    
Optical and magnetic properties of functionalized and non-functionalized mixed valence polyoxometalates. Towards charge transfer and delocalization phenomena Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Venegas Yazigi Diego Alonso Paredes García Verónica Del Rosario Spodine Spiridonova Evgenia Aravena Ponce Daniel Alejandro  
Rational design of functional magnetic materials based on inorganic molecular systems  Fondecyt Regular 04-2017 04-2021 Aravena Ponce Daniel Alejandro Spodine Spiridonova Evgenia Lemus Chavez Luis Alberto    
Design, synthesis and biological assays of biometal chelators, monoamine oxidase-B and cholinesterase inhibitor hybrids as multi-target agents against neurodegenerative diseases Fondecyt Regular 04-2017 04-2021 Zapata Torres Gerald Amilcar Castro Castillo Vicente Emanuel Fierro Huerta Angélica María Jullian Matthaei Carolina María  
Analytical developments in sample preparation for isolation and multi-determination of biomarkers by chromatographic techniques coupled to mass spectrometry Fondecyt Regular 03-2018 03-2022 Richter Duk Pablo Roberto Paredes Vargas Alfonso Humberto Sepúlveda Cortés Betsabet Abisag    
Critical analysis on the use of modified clays as effective barriers in soils to avoid the leaching of polar and persistent degradation products of pesticides intensively used in Chile and worldwide agriculture Fondecyt Regular 03-2018 03-2022 Baez Contreras Maria Estrella Espinoza Gonzalez Jeannette A. Fuentes Perez Edwar Rosamel    
Benzofuranones resulting from the oxidation of flavonoids: Their evaluation as a potentially novel group of antioxidants Fondecyt Regular 04-2019 04-2023 Speisky Cosoy Hernan Elias Buc Calderon Pedro Miguel Olea Azar Claudio Alberto    
Chemical markers of the immune and metabolic status of Apis mellifera at the colony level evidenced in honey. A bioanalytical perspective to the current apicultural challenges Fondecyt Regular 04-2019 04-2023 Fuentes Perez Edwar Rosamel Baez Contreras Maria Estrella Martinez Arenas Jessica Isabel Baez Larach Mauricio Andrés  
Evaluation of antiproliferative activity in different biological models and studies of the potential mechanisms action of new compounds derived from coumarins and coordination complexes Fondecyt Regular 04-2019 04-2023 Olea Azar Claudio Alberto Speisky Cosoy Hernan Elias Kemmerling Weis Ulrike Zuñiga Lopez Maria Carolina Maya Arango Juan Diego
Mechanism of Congenital Chagas disease: Effective placental Trypanosoma cruzi infection depends on specific host-derived microRNAs Fondecyt Regular 04-2019 04-2022 Kemmerling Weis Ulrike Olea Azar Claudio Alberto Maya Arango Juan Diego Castillo Rivas Christian Raúl  
Determination of the health benefits of bioactive compounds of discarded chia plants (Salvia hispanica L.) using UPLC-TOF-MS, and a global evaluation of antioxidant in vitro capacity and its effect in vivo Fondecyt Regular 04-2019 04-2023 Zuniga Lopez Maria Folch Cano Christian Gabriel Muñoz Hernández Loreto Andrea Olea Azar Claudio Alberto Silva Robledo Herman Oscar
Green analytical methods for determination of pesticides in vegetable samples based on multivariate calibration and fluorescence spectroscopy Fondecyt Regular 04-2019 04-2022 Bravo Mercado Manuel Fuentes Perez Edwar Rosamel      
Novel ordered bimetallic tiophosphates phases (M¿xM1-xPS3 M: ZnII or CdII, M¿: MnII, FeII, CoII, NiII or CuII). Structure, and magnetic properties using EPR Fondecyt Postdoctorado 04-2017 04-2020 Fuentealba Castro Pablo Andrés Olea Azar Claudio Alberto      
Remediación de suelos contaminados con pesticidas mediante lavado electro-cinético y posterior electro-oxidación del agua de lavado Fondecyt Postdoctorado 03-2019 03-2022 Vidal Fuentes Jorge Arturo Baez Contreras Maria Estrella      

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