Proyectos Departamento Química Orgánica y Fisicoquímica

Título Concurso Instrumento Fecha Inicio Fecha Término Investigador 1 Investigador 2 Investigador 3 Investigador 4 Investigador 5
¿-Cyclodextrin assisted solubilization of Chromone Schiff base metal complexes to be used as a potential antitumoral target binders Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Jullian Matthaei Carolina María Zapata Torres Gerald Amilcar      
Study on the barrier properties of polymeric nanocomposites filled with carbon-based nanoparticles Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2019 Quijada Abarca Juan Raúl Yazdani-Pedram Zobeiri Mehrdad Palza Cordero Humberto Cristián    
Novel glycolipids with singlet oxygen generation capabilities: synthesis, characterization and lectin interaction Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Gunther Sapunar German Ricardo Sanchez Donoso Susana Pizarro Urzúa Nancy Alejandra    
Potential Uses of Rhenium Complexes as Photosensitizers, Bactericides or Molecular Probes: A Photophysical and Photochemical Study Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Pizarro Urzúa Nancy Alejandra Vega Carvallo Andres Igor Gunther Sapunar German Ricardo Cepeda Plaza Marjorie Valeria  
Synthesis of a novel antioxidant nanoexcipient formed by silica nanoparticles with polyphenolic compounds covalently linked, evaluation of their antioxidant capacity and their stabilizing properties of Pickering pharmaceutical emulsions Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Morales Valenzuela Javier Eduardo Olea Azar Claudio Alberto Gunther Sapunar German Ricardo    
Nanostructured surfaces based on modified carbon nanomaterial and/or inorganic oxides to be applied in electrochemical and plasmonic biosensors for detecting biomarkers Fondecyt Regular 04-2016 04-2020 Bollo Dragnic Soledad Viviana Yañez Soto Claudia Andrea Ruiz León Domingo Arturo    
Preparation of nanostructured interfaces with entrapped nitroaromatic compounds and their applications in electrocatalysis Fondecyt Regular 04-2017 04-2021 Squella Serrano Juan Arturo Yañez Soto Claudia Andrea Navarrete Encina Patricio Antonio    
Synthesis of Novel Indole Derivatives Targeting: Serotonergic (SERT inhibition /5-HT4 Agonist Activity), Cholinergic (Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition) and Beta-Amyloid Deposition, in the Search of Multifunctional Agents in Alzheimer´s Disease Fondecyt Regular 04-2017 04-2021 Pessoa Mahana Hernan Armando Pessoa Mahana Carlos David Iturriaga Vásquez Patricio Ernesto Reyes Parada Miguel Ivan Saitz Barria Claudio Antonio
Multisteric drugs: Design of polypharmacological agents that simultaneously interact with monoaminergic proteins and nicotinic receptors, based on similarities between their multiple binding sites Fondecyt Regular 04-2017 04-2021 Reyes Parada Miguel Ivan Alzate Morales Jans Humberto Nuñez Vivanco Gabriel Armando Iturriaga Vásquez Patricio Ernesto Pessoa Mahana Hernan Armando
Design, synthesis and biological assays of biometal chelators, monoamine oxidase-B and cholinesterase inhibitor hybrids as multi-target agents against neurodegenerative diseases Fondecyt Regular 04-2017 04-2021 Zapata Torres Gerald Amilcar Castro Castillo Vicente Emanuel Jullian Matthaei Carolina María Fierro Huerta Angélica María  
Polymer-controlled biomineralization using electrospun fibers as template through electrospinning Fondecyt Regular 04-2017 04-2021 Neira Carrillo Andrónico David Arias Bautista José Luis Fernández Garay María Soledad Yazdani-Pedram Zobeiri Mehrdad  
Electropolymerized side chain liquid crystals polymers and nanocomposites for application in energy harvesting and technological devices Fondecyt Regular 04-2017 04-2021 Soto Bustamante Eduardo Arturo Romero Hasler Patricio Nicolás      
Targeting decyl polyOH benzoate esters coupled to triphenylphosphonium towards mitochondrial respiratory chain is an efficient approach for cancer treatment. Antitumor activity against several human lung cancer cell types. Basic and Preclinical studies Fondecyt Regular 03-2018 03-2021 Ferreira Parker Jorge Federico Castro Castillo Vicente Emanuel Jara Sandoval José Antonio    
High performance polyetherimide/carbon fiber laminated composites filled with reduced graphene oxide Fondecyt Regular 04-2019 04-2023 Yazdani-Pedram Zobeiri Mehrdad Aguilar Bolados Héctor Esteban Quijada Abarca Juan Raúl    
Magnetic and conducting polymer nanocomposites: from conventional to functional thermoplastic polymer matrices Fondecyt Regular 04-2019 04-2022 Quijada Abarca Juan Raúl Yazdani-Pedram Zobeiri Mehrdad Aguilar Bolados Héctor Esteban Palza Cordero Humberto Cristián  
Generación de electrodos modificados con nanomateriales y su aplicación en la determinación electroquímica de colorantes alimenticios Fondecyt Postdoctorado 11-2013 11-2016 Sierra Rosales Paulina Alejandra Squella Serrano Juan Arturo      
Design, Synthesis, Characterization and biological evaluation of novel calixarenes for gene delivery and ion recognition processes  Fondecyt Postdoctorado 04-2017 04-2020 Rodriguez Lavado Julio Saitz Barria Claudio Antonio      
Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Polymers containing Calixarenes as extraction agents Fondecyt Postdoctorado 03-2018 03-2021 Lorente Sánchez Alejandro José Saitz Barria Claudio Antonio      
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Indole Derivatives as Potential Multiligands Targeting Alzheimer´s Disease Fondecyt Postdoctorado 03-2018 03-2021 Alarcón Espósito Jazmín Francisca Pessoa Mahana Hernan Armando      
Síntesis de Fluorenos 9H-9-alquil-sustituidos: Desarrollo de metodología y perspectivas Fondecyt Postdoctorado 03-2019 03-2022 Saavedra Olavarría Jorge Ariel Castro Castillo Vicente Emanuel      

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